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Honor Their Wishes


The one thing that a Caregiver needs is support.
Support comes in many forms.
A Caregiver must be specific about the kind of support they need. When someone asks, "What can I do?" Tell them to help you with laundry or give them a store list.
You are not "Super Caregiver".  You need more support than the person you are caring for, because most likely, you are taking care of multiple households. 
Caregivers, PLEASE take care of yourself.


One of the biggest problems that Caregivers face is opposition from the person that they are trying to take care of.  

Why? You ask.

The answer is Simple.

The Caregiver is trying to impose their "Will" on the person being cared for.

The Caregiver suddenly forgets that the person has a right to know what is happening to them and what will happen next.

Lack of communication is a huge obstacle.

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